About Us

The African Paddling Association is a non-profit organisation establised to promote the status and interest of paddling tour operators and guides.

Our members are bound to adhere to strict operation, conservation and consideration ethics in order to create a Professional Paddling Association for all.

Operation Ethic

The operator will read, understand and adhere to the Operating Standards of the discipline offered.

Conservation Ethic

We are committed to minimum physical impact on the environment. Guides will set the example. We will not cut, burn, clear or damage banks or shores, and will leave no sign of our presence. We will protect animal and birdlife and leave wildlife habitats undisturbed. Where landings or established camps are constructed, they will harmonise with their surroundings; keep traffic, waste and noise to a minimum; and not pollute the area or water in any way.

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Code Of Safety

Guides and participant will at all times act cautiously and responsibly.

  • Guides and participants will at all times act cautiously and responsibly.
  • Each trip will be led by an appropriately qualified and experienced Trip Leader, supported by an appropriately qualified and experienced Guide Team that meets the recommendations in terms of guide to client ratios.
  • The Guide Team will be equipped with the appropriate safety equipment for the conditions.
  • Craft will be selected according to prevailing conditions and all craft will be maintained in good working order.
  • Operators will maintain an SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) document relating to the various trips they run. Although each SOP will be unique to the company concerned, all will include certain basic aspects with regards to safety & rescue and emergency procedures.
  • All participants will be warned that no alcohol or intoxicants are to be taken during the eight hours preceding and during any paddling activities and it is the operator’s responsibility to enforce this rule.
  • All participants will be correctly equipped and warned to wear a personal flotation device (pfd) at all times and a helmet in whitewater. Pfd’s and helmet will be properly fitted and worn to manufacturer’s specifications.
  • All trips will begin with the APA Safety Talk appropriately modified for the particular paddling discipline and section.
  • Operators will provide group safety gear, and guides will check this gear daily.
  • Parties will be warned about known risks and hazards and how to avoid them.
  • When faced with major water hazards, guides will remind participants that they have the option to walk.
  • A guide in the capacity of a Leader or Safety Officer has the discretion to order any person off the water or to alter or terminate a trip in the interests of safety.
  • The wetter the better

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